Extraction 8 North Pulls Its Application to Frack in Boulder County 

Citizen resistance to fracking in Boulder County, along with opposition from numerous Boulder County municipalities, can be credited for putting significant pressure on Extraction 8 North. The oil & gas operator announced it will no longer pursue drilling on 4,000 acres of Open Space in Boulder County.

However, O&G operator Crestone Peak Resources is still targeting more than 7,000 acres of Open Space and conservation easements. Crestone's Final Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) is currently under review at the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). The COGCC public comment period on the Final CDP recently closed on July 8.

Learn more on the Boulder County Oil & Gas Development page and the COGCC Crestone website page

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Fracking Threat to Boulder County

Crestone has applied to drill across 7,680 acres of Open Space and private property near homes, schools, and neighborhoods on massive industrial well pads. The O&G industry has been fracking our Colorado communities and trampling our fundamental rights for almost a decade. Boulder County citizens are standing up to protect our public health and safety, our home value, and prevent the Open Space from becoming an industrial zone. 


Our Mission


Hold Our Ground was created in November 2016 by Boulder County citizens who are willing to fight for our fundamental right to say "NO!" when it threatens our health, our home, and our children's right to a livable climate. Our mission: inspire a grassroots movement of thousands of friends and neighbors who together stand up and block the drilling permits that are under review by the state regulatory agency to issue in 2018.



Learn more about our citizen-led legal case against fracking to protect Boulder County citizens and the environment. 

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What's At Stake? Boulder County As We Know It

 Learn more about the Crestone Peak Resources CDP and the 8 North Extraction drilling plan.


Weld “Well” County has 50,000 wells. In the map (below) each red dot represents an oil and gas well. Once the door is opened to fracking in Boulder County, it won’t be shut again. Drilling will move west across Boulder County and our land will be permanently changed. Download a PDF of the Weld County Well map.


Explosions & Complaints

The two oil and gas operators targeting our Open Space, 8 North Extraction and Crestone, have a troubled history along the Front Range. These operators are complaint ridden and have been in ongoing violation over unsafe drilling practices. In April 2017, a house exploded in Firestone killing two people as a result of a methane leak. On Dec. 22, 2017 in Windsor, CO an O&G worker was severely injured from an out-of-control explosion.

Since last year, residents from Erie, CO filed more than 500 complaints. Citizen complaints are climbing daily, with residents protesting nerve-shattering drilling 24/7, ongoing noise and rode traffic accidents from heavy truck traffic, and toxic fumes from cancer-causing emissions.

 Fracking site

Fracking site

 Home explosion in Firestone

Home explosion in Firestone


Banner photo credit: Richard Saxon, Flickr

Sacred Earth photo credit: Spirit Horse Nation, Facebook