Well organized grassroots citizen resistance is powerful. Hold Our Ground, along with other citizen environmental groups across Boulder County, helped produce thousands of public comments to the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to show our opposition to the Crestone Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP).

Boulder County will not allow one new well drilled or fracked on our Open Space land.

As a result of our citizen efforts, and legal actions filed by the Boulder County Commissioners and numerous individual municipalities, the drilling timelines at the COGCC have been pushed back several times. We will continue to keep you informed of upcoming opportunities to file a public comment or testify to the COGCC Commissioners.

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Hold Our Ground testified at the Denver, CO public hearing. We were horrified at what we heard.

Dr. Elizabeth Ewaskowitz, a Ph.D. scientist in pharmacology and neuroscience with the Colorado Health Science Center, was one of the dozens of citizens who testified, all opposed to oil & gas development. She and her 6-year old son live - and her son's elementary school - are within 158 oil and gas wells in Erie, CO. She had her son's blood tested for the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with fracking, including the carcinogen benzene. The test was done by one of a few independent labs in the U.S. certified to run clinical diagnostic tests of VOCs. The lab work revealed her son was in the 79th percentile for benzene. She says:

"If these elevated levels in my son are not the result of 158 wells that are within a one-mile radius of my home and his school where are these coming from? These are high levels. If not from the fracking then where?” 

Link below to her 3-min. testimony

If this wasn't terrible enough, the COGCC response was even worse. COGCC Commissioner Dr. Larry Wolk with the Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) dismissed the independent lab findings saying:

We don't know about the "cleaning of the tubes" – as if a PhD pharmacologist would not know how to get a clean sample! We don't know when the boy had "been to a gas station"– ignoring the boy's ongoing exposure from more than 150 wells near his home and elementary school. 

  What kind of state agency tasked with protecting the public health and safety would dismiss extraordinarily high levels of cancer-causing substances in a child's body without further investigation? This is why we need citizens to help hold our ground. We need to keep reminding appointed and elected officials that people's rights - our basic rights to be safe in our home, breath clean air, and protect our environment and the climate for our kid's future - come before industry's economic gain.

Thank you to Denver 7 News who covered this story: Erie Mom Concerned about Benzene Found in Sons Blood

The link below takes you to the COGCC page for Crestone Peak Resources where you can see the drilling application, maps of the drilling zone, environmental impact reports and maps, citizen comments in opposition, legal motions filed by local governments such as Boulder County, and the cities of Boulder, Lafayette and Erie in opposition, etc. We'll update the link below to have it go directly to the online comment form when the public comment period reopens in July 2018.

Denver, CO - April 30, 2018; COGCC Commissioners hear public testimony from Colorado Health Science Center scientist Dr. Elizabeth Ewaskowitz (bottom of photo in black jacket and shoulder length hair).  Commissioner Dr. Larry Wolk (far left with hand on face) dismisses the VOC blood work results from a diagnostic clinical lab finding that her 6-year old son is in the 79th percentile of benzene because he might "have been by a gas station" - ignoring the toxic emissions from 158 oil and gas wells within 1 mile of her son's home and elementary school