Donate to protect Boulder County against fracking


We are raising funds to stop the drilling permits.

It's time to stand up for our fundamental rights. Boulder County has a unique opportunity to show that people's rights are superior to mineral rights - and establish new legal precedents for Colorado and the nation. 

Boulder County taxpayers have paid more than $100 million dollars since 1983 (three elections over the past 25 years) to maintain the Open Space program. Our public land is intended for only three purposes: recreation, agriculture and environmental conservation - not oil & gas development! 

Join us as we mount a legal defense. Donations are tax deductible.

1) BOULDER COUNTY - You may donate to support a citizen lawsuit to block the drilling permits in Boulder County to have us be ready if/when they are issued for Crestone Peak Resources by the state regulatory agency, the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC).

Write "RCN Boulder County" in the check memo section

2) STATEWIDE MARTINEZ CASE - Equally important: donate to enable our legal team to successfully defend the Martinez vs. COGCC case that will be going before the Colorado Supreme Court. Our legal team helped win this case in March 2017. This landmark decision reiterates the COGCC's responsibility to put public health and safety, our environment and the right of future generations to have a livable climate over the interests of mineral rights extraction. The decision is now standing law in Colorado.

We must successfully defend this decision as it provides a legal foundation for the COGCC to not issue ANY drilling permits until the case is heard at the Colorado Supreme Court. Plus the case gives legal precedent for ALL lawsuits in Colorado filed by citizens, local government and environmental organizations to protect people's rights over the economic gain of the O&G industry.  Our lead attorney, Dan Leftwich of MindDrive Legal Services, is co-counsel on this case along with attorneys from Our Children's Trust.

Write "RCN Martinez Case" in the check memo section

   Donations are tax deductible and payable to Earthworks, a 501 c(3) organization dedicated to helping citizens stop fracking in their communities. Federal Tax I.D. # 52-1557765.

You may mail your check to:

Resilient Communities Network
1630 30th St., Suite #287
Boulder, CO 80301

Again, please write: “RCN for Resilient Communities Network” in the check memo section and designate whether you wish to support the Boulder County and/or statewide Martinez Case lawsuit. Thank you!


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Write a letter to the editor

Add your voice and help educate our community about the immediate threat of fracking on our public land and in private neighborhoods. LTEs require your name, address, and daytime phone, and can be emailed. Word limit: 300-word limit to Camera, 400-word limit to Weekly and Daily.

Talking Points Send us a note and we're happy to help with your letter. Download citizen comments for sample ideas. 

Please bcc us at: to help us track letters. We are grateful to the more than 1,000 citizens who wrote public comments to the state regulatory agency, the COGCC, to oppose the Crestone drilling plan in Boulder County. Your letters helped push back the original drilling permit timeline by four months! 


Host a house meeting & share resources

Many Boulder County citizens who live in communities targeted for fracking are not aware their neighborhood is under imminent threat. Help educate your neighbors, friends and family. To sign up to host a house meeting or share other skills (data base entry, video/photography, fundraising, event planning, social media, networking) please contact us.


Send public comments to the COGCC


The Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is the state regulatory agency that approves drilling applications from O&G operators in Colorado. The COGCC has yet to deny a drilling permit.

Our efforts helped produce over 1,000 public comments opposing the Crestone Peak Resources Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP). 


Learn more about Crestone’s drilling plans

Crestone has applied to drill 140 wells on 12 square miles or 7,680 acres of Open Space land near homes and schools. The most recent public comment period against the Crestone drilling plan closed on July 6th, with a public hearing scheduled for October 2018. 


Speak against the drilling applications


Give testimony at a COGCC public hearing to oppose any fracking in Boulder County. Contact us for more details and to carpool to Denver with other citizens.

Citizen opposition helped push back Extraction 8 North that had submitted applications to drill on 4,000 acres in two drilling zones near Lafayette and Erie neighborhoods. Learn more here.